board of directors

Serge Vaudenay
Pr. Serge Vaudenay
Director of the Security and Cryptography Laboratory - EPFL
Guy Sonna
Dr. Guy Sonna
Managing Director of Global ID France

Ready and diverse team

Lambert Sonna
Pr. Lambert Sonna
Founder & CEO
Stephane Pinto
Stéphane Pinto
Financial director
Riccardo De Filippo
Riccardo Defilippo
Strategy and sales
Yasmina Sandoz
Marketing and communication
Dr. Séraphin Itoua
Julien Corsin
Julien Corsin
Soft. Engineer EPFL
Etienne Bonvin
Soft. Engineer EPFL - R&D Manager
Adrien Chassignet
Robotics Engineer EPFL
Dr. Jacques Kamga
QM & Test Strategy

Scientific partners

Betul Durak
Dr. Betül Durak
Researcher at the Security and Cryptography Laboratory - EPFL
Fatih Balli
Dr. Fatih Balli
Researcher at the Security and Cryptography Laboratory - EPFL
Dr. Moez Ben Ali
Help and Healthcare product
Sebastien Marcel
Pr. Sébastien Marcel
Researcher at IDIAP and lecturer at EPFL and UNIL
Micheal Liebling
Dr. Michael Liebling
IDIAP Senior Researcher Adjunct Professor UCSB
Annett Laube
Pr. Annett Laube
Director of the Institute for ICT-Based Management at BFH
Pierre Roduit
Pr. Pierre Roduit
Head of the HES-SO Valais-Wallis Institute
Luciano Torres
Dr. Luciano Torres
Technical Advisory Board