Our technology

Global ID offers a biometric authentication solution designed to easily integrate into the processes and software applications of public and private organizations. It is based on the singularity of the venous network of the fingers of the hand, captured from several viewing angles (multi-view).

The choice of private biometrics
The vein pattern of the fingers of the hand is private biometric information, unlike public biometric information such as fingerprints, face, iris, voice, and even DNA, all obtainable without the consent of the individual because constantly replicated and revealed.



For accessing authentication functions.  This software responds to any request made through the application programming interface (API) and manages all authentication transactions between scanners and other Global ID software services.  One such service is needed per account, with multiple instances possible.


The individual gives consent to the capturing of their biometry, which is then recorded and made available to applications via a pseudonym.  This pseudonym is associated by the applications with data regarding the individual, typically their identity and other data required by the organization.


At any time, the organization can authenticate an individual and their identity by comparing the biometry of the individual present with the one recorded during enrolment.


For offline enrolment and authentication in field use.  This software suite contains a field version of the Enrolment and Recognition Service and of the Connection Broker Service.  When reconnected to the organization’s network, Offline VenoStation synchronizes its data with that of the Enrolment and Recognition Services in the data centre.  The field versions of the computer applications that require authentication remain the responsibility of the customer.


At any time, the organization can add to a transaction (file, procedure, purchase, declaration, act, etc.) one or more biometric signatures (the citizen, the patient, the operator, the manager, the proxy, etc.), thus creating a dematerialized equivalent of the handwritten signature, with due consent and much greater unicity.

VAP Platform Management!

VAP Platform Management allows the remote provisioning and management of Global ID software and hardware. Administrators have access to a very easy web interface using secured communications.

VAP Platform Management has three objectives:

VAP can be deployed immediately by application integrators and IT departments either directly into applications or coupled to Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems.

VAP can be delivered to customers on premise or as a turnkey Authentication-as-a-Service solution. It provides to organizations highly-secure distributed authentication of identity to business applications through APIs, software modules, and VenoScanners.



VenoScanners-F1  allow the capturing of biometric data for enrolment and recognition. They consist of hardware and embedded software licenses. VenoScanners-F1 connect to the organization’s network or to an offline computer. They respond to the Connection Broker Service


    • Color display (1.3‘’, 240×240 pixels)
    • Sound for user feedback ( Beep)
    • Integrated battery (Li-On 1200mAh)
    • Power management (battery charge/discharge)
    • Led – charge indicator
    • Wide field of view
    • Battery prectection agains polatity inversion (fuse)
    • Full custom initialisation touch-sensitive button


    • intemadiate sofware for demo (Windows & OSx)


    • Acquisition sequence embedded in API.