Global ID is in strong development! We are in the process of raising funds with Maizar Advisory Services! If you want to invest in a startup with a very high potential then contact this office to study the investment opportunities. Cybersecurity is a fast growing business!

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Why invest in Global ID ?

The Vein recognition market is expected to generate close to a billion swiss francs by 2029,

Finger vein biometrics is expected to generate more than CHF 588 Mn(Sources: Fact.MR; RocSearch Analysis Note ) by the end of the decade, despite losing ~10% of its market share to palm vein recognition – Global ID pipeline already comprises various multi-view vein recognition products such as VenoScanner-F1, VenoScanner-F2 and Hand scanner

  • Hardware
    • The initial focus is to sell scanners as a one-time customer purchase model (CapEx)
  • Software
    • Software and infrastructure Subscription – Multi-year renewable agreements and maintenance to claim the benefit of regular upgrades
  • Service and maintenance
    • Regular maintenance and service arrangements exclusively for special versions and adaptations
    • Database management services come under the service category, which is ultra-scalable, and revenue goes up as the number of people increases in the database. However, the cost to the subscriber is inversely proportional to the number of people in the database.
  • Global ID filed a Patent for cryptography in 2020 titled “Method, Electronic Identity Object, and Terminal for Recognising and/or Identifying a User” Patents (in the US, Europe and Asia)
  • Global ID also filed a Patent for Biometry in 2019 titled “Method and Device for Biometric Vascular Recognition and/or Identification”
  • Global ID filed a Patent for Data Privacy in 2021 titled “A Method, a System and a Biometric Server for Controlling Access of Users to Desktops in an Organisation”

Global ID is the first EPFL Innovation Park startup registered in the Swiss Triple Impact sustainability directory