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David Pettinaroli, shareholder

As Chief of Staff of the Proton Group, I am very involved in the economy of my country, Switzerland, and am always on the lookout for promising new innovations that meet the demands of the market.

When I discovered the Global ID Startup, I was seduced by the technology and I see many applications such as :


– Identification of persons (identity cards, passports, diplomas, civil registers, cadastres, etc.)


– Unlocking of workstations, machine,

– Physical access unlocking with the ability to embed privileges (SSO)

– Integration in two-factor identity authentication systems


– Secure access to bank accounts

– Secure payment and flows

If I chose to invest in Global ID, it is also because I was convinced by the Lambert Sonna, PhD, the CEO. He himself is a specialist in cybersecurity and has a perfect mastery of many subjects, but he is also surrounded by several laboratories, all at the forefront of their respective fields of activity: Lasec at EPFLIDIAP in Martigny, Hes-SO Valais/Wallis and CSEM in Neuchâtel. Swiss entities recognized worldwide that allow me to have great confidence in my investment.

In my own way, I promote this startup to my partners and I can assure you that it will not leave you indifferent: Either my contacts are interested in applying one of the solutions in their companies, or they also want to invest to accompany the development of Global ID applications.

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