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Pierre Anoumedem
Pierre Anoumedem, shareholder

“As Managing Director of a company specializing in construction and architecture in Cameroon, I had the opportunity to meet Professor Lambert Sonna in 2010 during a trip to Switzerland. He presented me with the biometric identification project based on finger vein scanning, including the security of private data.

The technology was still in development and really promising, so I was quickly convinced by the opportunity I was offered, namely to accompany the startup by taking part in the first fund raising.

The seriousness and expertise of Professor Lambert Sonna, but also all the players, all specialists in their field (biometrics, security, cryptography) are a real guarantee of trust from the outset. And then, when I saw the possible field of applications, I was delighted to see my investment with a high growth potential.

The partnership developed with the giant ATOS was also a great step forward because it allows the massive deployment of engineers for integration at major customers in more than 70 countries and, above all, to guarantee maintenance and after-sales support.

Moreover, on two occasions, during the PROMOTE international exhibitionin Yaoundé, on the Swiss Pavilion, in the Switzerland Global Enterprisecorner, I could see the extent of the interest of the technology since all the institutional partners from Switzerland but also from Cameroon and other Central African countries were present for the Global ID demonstrations.

Some pictures of the #Promote2019:

On a daily basis, I am attentive to GLOBAL ID news and I share what’s new. I feel responsible for its development and promotion but above all I am satisfied to see it grow.

My project would be to be able to integrate this technology in one of my construction projects, public or private. It would be a great showcase for the know-how of the Cameroonian people.

Some of my professional projects in Cameroon.

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