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Yasmina Sandoz
Yasmina Sandoz, shareholder

In charge of the communication of several companies, I chose to invest in the startup Global ID. Beyond my investment in time and energy, I chose to financially support the futur unicorn.

When I was working in the East of France, at the Vosges Departmental Council, I spent more than 10 years analysing company projects, assessing the capacity of project leaders and making realistic market studies.

During these 10 years, I accompanied project owners in the implementation of their companies such as PAVATEX* or their investments such as EGGER**, the Fromagerie l’Ermitage*** or NORSKE SKOG****.

This solid experience in business creation and a good knowledge of changing markets allows me to firmly believe in the potential of Global ID, particularly through the multitude of applications offered by the 3 solutions that are :

– Identification of persons (identity cards, passports, diplomas, civil registers, cadastres, etc.)

– Unlocking of workstations, machine,
– Physical access unlocking with the ability to embed privileges (SSO)
– Integration in two-factor identity authentication systems

– Secure access to bank accounts
– Secure payment and flows

I chose to invest in Global ID because I see the unlimited potential of the technology.

Everyone already needs to reliably authenticate themselves for private access. The plus of Global ID’s technology, in addition to being stronger than other identification systems, is the protection of the private sphere and this is priceless!

And people and labs behind the technologie are really strong (the best worldwide in class), so I believe hard in Global ID

Global ID continues to invest in new applications for NGOs, for hotels, for car manufacturers, for smartphone manufacturers : so if you want to join the adventure, don’t hesitate anymore.

Some more information about the companies I’ve accompanied:
* PAVATEX: 60 million Euros and the creation of 50 direct jobs, 200 indirect jobs
** EGGER: €40 million at panel maker Egger, 50 new jobs
*** FROMAGERIE L’Ermitage: €15 million, creation of 15 new jobs and access to new markets
**** NORSKE SKOG: Paper industry with €250 million in turnover

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