Our history

Consortium between three specialized Swiss laboratories

The idea of optimizing existing means of identification and authentication, and further securing the development of processed biometric data. IT services in collaboration with the CTI developed a new product in 2013 and created the company Global ID in 2015.

The main objective of Global ID is to bring to market a new innovative technology to reliably identify people using multi-view biometric data on finger veins. The new technology responds to the main drawbacks of current technologies, namely reliability, robustness and high cost. The team draws on years of research at Swiss universities in biometrics and the addition of knowledge for doing business in developing countries, to create a very interesting proposition.

Our vision

Biometrics is the solution because it allows an individual to be authenticated by a unique physical characteristic, in fact like a unique key that everyone has. But the use of biometrics raises the question of the involuntary entry of such a key.

For obvious privacy and identity protection reasons, biometrics must use a physical characteristic that is not continuously dispersed and reproduced, such as fingerprints, DNA and face, which are suitable for criminal investigations but are unethical for everyday use. Consumers and citizens must be able to exercise control over when their biometric data is captured.

To satisfy these legitimate needs, Global ID offers an authentication technology based on invisible keys that can only be used explicitly: multi-view finger veins, hidden and accessible only to the knowledge of the individual. Multiple views also enable both anti-spoofing and very high uniqueness, extending security internationally. Authenticity is also protected throughout life because the venous networks are stable through age.

A multi-view scan of a single finger vein uniquely authenticates you to become the most ethical “digital signature”.
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