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We help achieve certainty with simple questions like:

Our clients

Our clients are organizations

Identity management is a growing need for organizations facing the growth and mobility of staff, customers, patients, voters, citizens, students, refugees, etc., as well as the growth and the mobility of qualifications and transactions.

We the people

As citizens, we all have privacy rights

As individuals, we interact with organizations of all kinds, private, public and non-governmental.
We do this in a variety of roles, as staff, customers, patients, constituents, citizens, students, refugees, etc., and are asked to disclose our identity and other data.

You, our partners

Working together for our clients

As authentication platform providers, we know how close you are to your customers. You know your markets, your segments, your territories, your customers and above all you know their business and their applications.


Physical identity authentication has no industry barriers because it applies to all people and every industry involves people. Beyond risk avoidance, simple authentication delivers productivity.


Physical identity authentication has no segment barriers because it applies to people and each segment involves people. Beyond risk avoidance, simple authentication delivers productivity.

The strongest demand comes from sectors with the highest occupational and economic risks, such as medical, financial and public services.

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